We are always looking for opportunities to buy land in Essex and across Eastern England that can be transformed into exceptional Cabotlane developments.  The site doesn't have to have planning permission and could be a garden, spare piece of land for sale or a home.

As we are an independent developer, we are able to assess the potential and value of your site relatively quickly, unlike larger companies.  With thirty years plus experience on our side, we are able to obtain proposed scheme details right from the outset.  Our offer to you will then be based on the developments square footage and the estimated completed value.  One agreed, we have everything in place for a smooth and efficient transaction. 

You may not want to spend thousands of pounds exploring whether your site has potential so a Joint Venture could be just the thing for you.  We can work with you to generate optimised solutions to your particular site and will meet all costs, initially and share any increase in value we achieve with you.

For more information on the information above, please contact Phil Thornton ~ 01376-322599 ~ 07927-549533 ~